• Sash windows are considered to be among the most sophisticated kinds of windows a home can have, with their balanced features and easy style. They’re one of the most prominent visual styles of structures from the 18th and 19th centuries, and were the most popular type of window by the Victorian age. Whilst their popularity declined throughout the 20th century, they are now delighting in a revival based on their traditional appeal.

    Origins of the sash window

    The word ‘sash’ comes from the French word ‘chassis’, indicating frame, nevertheless sash windows are believed to have actually originated in either Holland or England in the late 17th century. The design has since synonymous with Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes.

    Early history

    The sash window was first seen in England in palaces and great houses, such as Kensington Palace, Hampton Court and Chatsworth. They end up being an immediate status sign, and were installed in both old and new houses. Not only were they visually superior to the old casement windows, they were a lot more practical, permitting larger panes of glass to be fitted and more light to enter rooms.

    Window tax

    Whilst England was seeing a massive change in architectural design, the window tax was brought in, in 1696, with a further excise tax on grateful in 1746. This just increased the status of the sash window, as a lot of them were obstructed in an effort to avert the taxes.

    Later on history

    In the 18th and 19th centuries, sash windows were built as sashes to be fitted into Gothic and Tudor revival residential or commercial properties. They were intricate in their building, concealing pulleys and weights. Later on, they were integrated with cast iron balconies and margin lights to produce the fragile regency appearance.

    Sash windows today

    It’s an alarming reality that three-quarters of original sash windows have been lost, with 20th century replacements there rather. In spite of this, a growing motion in structure preservation and public interest in Georgian and Victorian design and workmanship has actually seen individuals renewing sash windows, and moving away from insensitive replacements.

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