• What you Need to Know About Secondary Glazing

    24/10/2019 | Blog | nvziy
  • Secondary Glazing can still be something of an unknown quantity, after all, so many traditional systems are bulky, unsafe and inefficient: it really gives secondary glazing a bad name! It really is the best option for many properties, especially if you live in a listed building or in a conservation area. So we have put together this blog, and hope it answers your questions around Secondary Glazing.

    Do I need Planning Permission?

    Secondary Glazing is completely demountable and detachable, and also is entirely unseen from the outside and practically unnoticeable from inside. This is usually enough to satisfy local conservation or planning departments; however we would always recommend checking with your local department first.

    Okay, so exactly how will it look on my windows?

    Secondary Glazing is practically undetectable: both through the glaze as well as within the frame. We colour match our systems to fit your window frameworks exactly, to make them even more distinct. 

    Great, so how much warmer will it make my property?

    It reduces heat loss through Single Glazed windows by 63%. In unheated areas this equates to a rise in temperature of five degrees centigrade.

    Wow, and also will it save me money on my energy bills?

    It decreases power bills by at least 22.5% where the previous temperature is maintained.

    And does it reduce noise pollution?

    It reduces sound by a minimum of 48%, with many customers reporting a decrease of 70-80%.

    Will it reduce condensation on my home windows?

    Yes, in 2 ways. First of all,it is a warm item that elevates the temperature of the polished location, implying that it is no longer a cold area to attract condensation. Second of all, it holds half its weight in water, allowing it to take in existing condensation and moisture in the bordering area. This implies that it successfully removes condensation, although residential or commercial properties with particularly poor condensation issues might take numerous weeks to see an improvement.

    I’m anxious concerning UV rays fading my decor. Can you do anything concerning that?

    Definitely. It completely obstructs ultraviolet rays through the polish, eliminating fading of art work, furnishings, wallpaper, curtains and photos. It likewise makes us the best choice for baby room windows, office home windows and for usage in shop fronts, museums, art galleries and anywhere else that calls for UV protection.

    I have working shutters, will I still be able to utilize them?

    Yes you will. Our system is totally compatible with functioning shutters enabling you to benefit from the thermal capabilities of both. When our system is made use of with functioning shutters it will provide a u-value of simply 1.1: far better efficiency than brand-new replacement window units.

    My windows are an odd shape/ bent at the top can you install on these?

    Yes, our highly competent team of installers at Peckham Glaziers can cope with any window shapes and sizes. They can likewise develop bespoke mounting on site to specifically follow any contours.

    What is the largest window you can install on?

    The largest window that we can cover with one system would be 6100 x 2050mm. Should your window be larger than this, we aim to follow the original form of the window, lining up any framework to match the windows and colour matching to ensure that it blends into the background.

    Where can I store the system, should I wish to remove it throughout warmer days?

    Firstly our system stops 27% of the sun’s heat from coming into your home so if you do remove the system it is likely that you will be warmer.

    However, should you wish to remove it, as standard we provide you with a cling film wrap that can be wrapped around the system to ensure it is protected, we can also provide bespoke storage bags and parking docks, depending on what best suits your needs.

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