• Peckham High Street given £1.7m cash for overhaul

    13/12/2019 | Blog | nvziy
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    The gentrification of Peckham is set to gather pace over the next five years — starting with a £1.7million cash injection to overhaul the town centre.

    Once synonymous with Only Fools And Horses, Peckham’s image has evolved in recent years from gun crime and high-rise blocks to a bohemian centre with a vibrant nightlife.Frank’s — a rooftop bar on top of a multi-storey car park — and cultural centre the Bussey Building are among highlights helping draw younger well-heeled residents to the area.

    Now a £1.675 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund will help restore historic facades in Peckham High Street and Rye Lane to their former glory. In the coming months, Southwark council will approach owners of 44 buildings to discuss their restoration.

    Plans have already been unveiled to overhaul the former Peckham Palais, and an old Woolworths, now a pound shop, opposite Peckham Rye railway station. The station is benefiting from a £10 million renovation, with proposals to restore a forgotten Victorian public square outside.

    Mark Williams, cabinet member for planning and regeneration at Southwark council, said: “People want Rye Lane and Peckham High Street improved so there is a wider shopping offering.  People also want to see a ma-jor department store move back in.“We have a vibrant artistic community and we want to help them develop. But it’s also about having a variety of local shops so it works for local residents. We want to see a mixed community living and working together.”

    Sue Bowers, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund for London said: “Revitalising historic buildings not only makes a place more attractive to live, visit and invest in, it also provides jobs and training opportunities for local people.“We are delighted to make this award as part of our commitment to preserving London’s heritage.” Eileen Conn, of Peckham Vision, said; “We put this proposal to the lottery fund in 2011, so we are very pleased. Peckham town centre is made up of buildings from over 300 years, during which London evolved from a collection of rural villages to the cosmopolitan area it is today. This heritage provides huge scope for community involvement.”

    Brenda Amey, 65, The Flower Shop

    “The problem is we don’t have any department stores anymore, it’s all hairdressers and meat shops. It needs to be more than cosmetic. When I was little Rye Lane used to be called the Golden Mile, it used to be like the West End.”

    Jan Asante, 36, Gisella boutique

     “It needs work. We have some interesting bars, attracting a younger punter, but rather than displacing the local community with gentrification we need to improve the aesthetics in which people live.”

    Lee Hume, 26,  Wilson Cycles

      “I don’t think people will notice those small changes. Most people who come into Peckham get what they want and leave. It’s not somewhere people stay around. What this place needs is more money spent on housing.”

    Sally Butcher, 50, Persepolis food and handicraft shop

     “It definitely needs the money. The public front of Peckham looks shoddy after being neglected. There are two Peckhams, the gentrified one and this one, which needs nurturing.”

    Thank you to the Evening Standard for their Post: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/peckham-high-street-given-17m-cash-for-overhaul-9656111.html